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We are committed to making the Hobbs' brand, values and culture accessible to everyone. The events of 2020 highlighted the need for change and further improvements – both at an industry and brand level – to ensure that a diverse representation of backgrounds, cultures and lived experiences are woven throughout each facet of our business.

As a result, we have implemented the following initiatives, which we will continually review and develop as part of our ongoing commitment to inclusion. We stand in solidarity against racism and discrimination of any kind and will work together to ensure our actions effect real, tangible change within our business and the wider fashion landscape.


Recruitment & Training

  • Attracting and retaining a diverse team is of paramount importance. We have identified diversity gaps within our central and store teams across the TFG family of brands, and are working on improving representation.
  • All management roles responsible for hiring new employees are being provided with additional training to ensure our selection processes are fair, consistent and without prejudice.
  • We are providing inclusive leadership and awareness workshops to our leaders and employees to address conscious and unconscious bias within the workplace and the community.
  • We have implemented necessary changes to our hiring processes to ensure we access a wide and diverse pool of candidates and to prevent potential unconscious bias during the recruitment process.
  • We are working with Future Frontiers, an award-winning education and social-mobility charity, to ensure young people from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfil their potential at school and when transitioning to education or training at age 16.


Supporting our Employees

  • Our Inclusion & Diversity Board is formed of employees of all backgrounds and levels of seniority from various parts of our business, dedicated to facilitating discussion, driving positive progress and enhancing resources to improve awareness; it is also an open forum for feedback.
  • We offer open and safe means of communication for employees to share their views or raise any concerns.
  • We provide a wide range of resources, talks and workshops to share information so that our employees can become better informed and educate themselves further.
  • We aspire to treat everyone fairly, honestly and with respect and are committed to prioritising our colleagues’ mental wellbeing.
  • We work with MHFA England to train accredited Mental Health First Aiders within the business.
  • We partner with Retail Trust which offers financial, emotional and mental health support to all employees and their immediate families.


Brand Representation

  • We will ensure the models and brand ambassadors featured in our website, campaign and social photography reflect customers of different ages and ethnicities. We will continue working towards broadening our representation of different body sizes too.
  • We will continue to share stories across our channels that reflect a variety of voices and lived experiences.
  • Any charities or partners we work with will reflect our values and commitment to a more inclusive society.


Project 23 helps organisations build diverse and inclusive cultures. Their mission is to make workplaces fairer, happier and more productive. Through bespoke workshops, coaching and consultancy services; Project 23 supports organisations to make sustainable changes that are relevant for today's societal and business needs.

Since January 2021 we have been working with Project 23 to build a strategy that creates a culture that welcomes, develops and celebrates a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ideas while providing additional education and training.

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