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Hobbs has created a Supplier Code Of Conduct, which is built on the foundation principles of the ETI base code. This base code is designed to be fair and achievable, covering the principles of international law for best practice in rights at work: no child labour, no forced labour, no discrimination, the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, living wages, working hours are not excessive, communication of employment, health and wellbeing.

We recognise that our strategy will continue to evolve as our business grows and in response to the global environment in which we trade.

At Hobbs we are committed to producing high quality ethically manufactured products. The following Supplier Code Of Conduct forms a key part of our Global Sourcing Principles and specifies the minimum requirements which we expect our suppliers to meet.

Please contact our Customer Services team if you would like to discuss this with us or have any questions, comments or suggestions relating to this Policy.

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