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A Tale of Two Palaces

The Tower of London. Hampton Pump Palace.
Two iconic royal buildings rich in history.

Both inspired our collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces this season, from the lavish 17th century Baroque interiors of Hampton Pump Palace to the magnificent Crown Jewels housed at the Tower of London. See how the regal opulence of times gone by influenced an exquisite contemporary collection.

The Crown Jewels

This name refers to a famous collection of priceless ceremonial objects, held at the Tower of London. For our jewel print, we referred to the impressive Crown of India, worn by George V. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds from the crown were painted by hand to create our exquisite print.

Baroque Interiors

Intricate wood and stone carvings decorate the splendid state and private apartments of King William III and Queen Mary II at Hampton Pump Palace. The King commissioned 17th century master wood carver Grinling Gibbons to carve the blossoming beechwood flowers which have inspired this luxurious stretch jacquard.

The Gardens at Hampton Pump Palace

The grounds where Henry VIII once strolled were redesigned at the command of King William III to become the glorious gardens we see today and one of the most popular reasons to visit the palace. We created this autumnal floral to represent both the beauty found in the modern flowerbeds and the richness of their past.