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Wedding Outfit Inspiration & Ideas

As high summer arrives so do the wedding invitations.


When it comes to the guests, two rules should always be kept in mind: never wear white, and never dress to upstage the bride. In summer, bright colors are the perfect way to stand out without stealing the show.

Here's a tip - if your social calendar has more weddings than weekends, buy one or two versatile dresses and simply update them with accessories. And most important of all, never forget to pack flats if you'll be dancing into the night.

Mother of the Bride

The contemporary mother of the bride (or groom) has many stylish options open to her, from sophisticated tailored suits to elegant dresses with feminine silhouettes. If you opt for the latter, invest in an elegant evening shawl or cropped cardigan - both will add warmth in the evening, without compromising on style.

Details are paramount. Look out for an exclusive print or lace hem; such minutiae will ensure you stand out in an understated fashion: quintessential mother of the bride style.


Dressing bridesmaids is something of an art form, with so many people to please. Communication is key: ask your friends about the colors, fits and shapes they prefer, share your theme, invite ideas.

Ultimately though, the dresses need to complement the bride, and you can trust our selection will present one that fits all. Or you could always mix and match? Blending styles and prints is becoming ever more popular, provided each dress plays to a principal theme.