Hobbs Collection No1

Hobbs Collection No1

This fall will see the launch of Hobbs' Collection No 1, created in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces, the independent charity that looks after the Tower of London, Hampton Pump Palace, Banqueting House, Kensington Palace and Kew Palace.

“We wanted to take that wealth of historical detail, but make it modern and relevant,” says designer Karen Boyd of Collection No 1.

The debut range draws from the opulent Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, which boasts beginnings in the 17th century. You'll find all those classic Hobbs hallmarks - elegant tailoring, sleek separates, beautiful accessories - reworked with a discreet nod to the royal archives. Hence, the spotted ermine trim from coronets in the collection has been reimagined as a sumptuous angora roll-neck and scarf; the grey overcoats worn by Tower of London guardsmen is now a luxe layered trench; and that most iconic of objects, the Busby hat, has been playfully turned into instantly desirable arm candy.

Crafted from fabrics sourced in traditional mills across the UK, the result is a chic selection of fashion-forward pieces that cleverly, subtly, pay homage to Britain’s rich traditions.

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